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Great day today! I had a great night’s sleep on an air mattress that was left in the church. I ate breakfast with Kristen and Dakin then got packed up. They said goodbye and left a bit before me. I finished packing and rolled out soon after. The sun was just coming up a smoky red over the hills

After a few miles I came across a deer that had been hit by a car. It was sitting in the middle of the Eastbound lane and I was worried that someone would hit it. I considered stopping but just kept going, then felt bad and went back and moved it out of the roadway. Consider it my good deed for the day, it almost made me vomit 🤮
Perhaps the good deed paid off because there was minimal wind and cool temperatures for several hours. I rode past a historical marker for split rock which was a marker for the Oregon Trail and the Pony Express. Sure enough, it was a split rock (the split is directly under the sun in the photo)

A few miles down the road was an interpretive center for split rock which was confusing because you couldn’t actually see the rock from there. The view was nice though.

I came over a hill and saw a line of hills and hoped I wouldn’t need to go over them

I reached the bottom of the hills at the town of Muddy Gap. It wasn’t muddy (on the road, it looked like there was a muddy creek to my right) but it certainly was a gap. 

I was glad it existed, else I’d need to climb the hills I’d seen earlier. Instead I went through the gap and entered a large open basin. I was nearing the Continental Divide again, so had to climb out of this basin. It wasn’t bad: by far the easiest divide crossing. 

I dropped down into another basin, this one the Great Divide Basin. This is unique because rain that falls here doesn’t drain into any ocean, it just collects. The road was flat and straight, but with a good shoulder. The traffic wasn’t too bad. I made a turn and entered a valley. I saw a series of hills off to my right and ahead more hills which the road went straight up (sorry for blurry photo I don’t know what happened)

This was my climb out of the Great Divide Basin. It looked steep but I consoled myself with the knowledge that close on the far side was my end point for the day, Rawlins. I got climbing. It was really hot by this point and I was dying in the heat. I took plenty of rest and covered my head with my gaiter. That helped a lot and I made good progress up to the top. A friendly trucker honked hello right as I came over the top, the second Continental Divide crossing today. 

I got a nice descent for a bit before pedalling 6 miles into Rawlins. I was starving so I rode through the frustratingly hilly town to a Thai restaurant. A nice woman, Cindy, and her two sons asked me about my trip. I told them about the ride, and Cindy said she always wanted to do this or something similar. I told her she should (hello if you’re reading this, come join us!). I got seated and had an excellent lunch of fried beef, rice, and egg rolls, with Thai tea. I felt much better after eating. Cindy left and said goodbye, and I went to find lodging for the night. I went to a nearby motel that I’d been recommended and they had one room left. I took it for $50 (what a deal compared to my last crappy motel in Missoula). I got my fix of internet then ordered a pizza. I picked it up and grabbed a few snacks for tomorrow (breakfast + power bars). Now I’m gonna get to bed early for another early morning. Night!

Distance: 70 miles


  • Oatmeal
  • Honey waffle
  • Shot blocks
  • Beef jerky
  • Granola
  • Gatorade
  • Fried beef
  • Lettuce
  • Egg rolls
  • Rice
  • Pizza
  • Cinnamon sticks
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