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Another day of flat riding. Last night I slept in a completely isolated room with no windows, so I had no idea when the sun came up, and wanted to see when I would naturally wake up. Turns out the answer is 6:30 or so. I packed up, had a breakfast of frosted flakes and fruit loops, cleaned up the place then got moving around 7:30. It was hard to leave, that rec center was so comfortable. I got right back on 96, and wouldn’t turn off it all day.
Weather was fine (70s in the morning) with a haze that prevented the sun from being too bright. I wonder if it’s smoke from all the fires out West. There was little wind and traffic so progress was good. 
I made it to the town of Sugar City quickly and didn’t really stop. I got onto a very long stretch of almost nothing.

Cars were rare here and I felt quite alone for long periods. The shoulder was intermittent, sometimes good and sometimes nonexistent. Often it was present but overgrown with plants that made it difficult or impossible to ride in. As a result I spent most of the day on the white line or on the right side of the traffic lane. Cars were rare enough that it wasn’t really an issue. I went through many towns that were marked on my map but that looked like they had 1-2 families living in them. I wonder what life is like there. Most likely going anywhere or doing anything means getting in a car and driving to the nearest town with services.
Flowers continued to line the road, mostly yellows but some purples. When there was a bend in the road it was a big event. Even climbs felt interesting to change up the riding. I think I used 3 gears all day, and never left the middle ring. 

After the small town of Alexander (nothing there) the shoulder got excellent for a few miles then abruptly returned to nothingness. 

I soon made it to the small town of Haswell (I didn’t ask if it has a well). There was a gas station that looked like it hadn’t been worked on since the 50s, including the three men sitting outside with flyswatters. I got a drink and candy bar and sat outside to eat them. The guys knew about the route, they must have seen many other cyclists just like me come through. They said they were having a competition to kill flys. I asked who was winning. They said the flys in unison and I laughed really hard for some reason. I went to the bathroom and stepped on a big black lab’s foot. He was crouching behind the toilet to hide from the flies. He was very sweet and I didn’t want to use the toilet with him right next to it but he didn’t show any signs of leaving, so I did. Halfway through he got up and stood by the door and looked at me, I don’t think he liked the smell or something. I left and road another 20 fairly slow miles to Eads. The wind was picking up and I was feeling uncomfortable in the seat. There really aren’t places to stop and rest so I end up riding for longer stretches without breaks which makes my bum more sore. For some reason leaving later tends to make things suck more too, probably the heat. It was around 85, which isn’t too bad for this area apparently, but it still felt warm. 
I stopped in Eads at a park and had a almond butter and honey tortilla and some mangos nthere were some kids playing in the park and I almost fell asleep. I was tempted just to stop for the day but I wanted to go a bit farther. I got a Sobe drink which I won’t do again (100% daily sugar in one drink) and fruit snacks and got back to riding. This was about a 25 mile stretch to my lodging for the night at Sheridan lake. It took me about 3 hours due to wind and general fatigue. The sun was getting higher and punching through the haze making it hotter too. It definitely wasn’t the most comfortable riding. Traffic was generally good but there continued to be little shoulder. 
I did pass this beautiful field of flowers though. 

I also passed south of the site of the Sand Creek Massacre, a murder committed by the army on hundreds of Native Americans. There is still a nearby town named after the officer who ordered the attack. 
I pulled into Sheridan Lake around 4 and got a sparkling water at the convenience store. I tried to find a supposed bike repair shop (or at least a shop that carries bike tools) but couldn’t. I went to the church I was staying at and met the pastor, Earlier.
He let me shower in the hose and offered me any food in the church kitchen and full use of the facilities. Thank you so much! Apparently theres pancakes for breakfast! I’m gonna get some sleep, night!

Distance: 90ish


  • Fruity Loops
  • Frosted Flakes
  • Snickers
  • Gatorade
  • Cliff bar
  • Plant bar
  • Honey and almond butter tortilla
  • Cookies
  • Mangos
  • Alfredo pasta
  • Oreos
  • Protein shake
  • Peppermint bark
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