Nothing to report today! I did some errands, like laundry and a visit to the bike shop. The guy in the bike shop sold me mace and some Velcro so that I have it ready to go for any dogs that get close. I bought a new portable battery that’s much higher capacity and quality than the ones I’ve been using. Dead/dying phones should bea thing of the past. 
I have a new companion joining me! Nick, a guy I first met back in Oregon, has been a day or two behind for most of Kansas. I let him know that if he makes it here he can sleep in the spare bed in the hotel room. He put in a huge day and ended up making it so we’re gonna ride together tomorrow! Super excited to have a riding buddy. Expect some photos tomorrow. 
I got a bunch of fried chicken for dinner, and had a chicken sandwich for lunch. The ride to pickup dinner was gorgeous


Distance: 0

Consumption: A lot