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After yesterday’s adventure I was very ready to be riding again. I set off early after a breakfast provided by the hotel (just a Jimmy Deans sausage and biscuit but it was something) deteinded to make some good progress. The route I’m following wanted me to go back the way I came in to Rickreall then turn south from there. I didn’t want to do that so looked for alternative routes that would meet up further south. I found that there was an Oregon State Scenic Bikeway that went through Salem to Eugene, passing very close to the route at Monmouth. I decided on that option. I left around 7 and quickly joined the Bikeway. Most of it was on a moderately trafficked road through the forest paralleling the Willamette River, but towards the end it became more farmland: Soon enough I went over a bridge into the town of Independence, road along a busy main street for a few miles to Monmouth, and was back on the route. I met a very nice road rider who’d recently retired and was trying to get in shape. He gave me directions and told me about his experiences riding RAGBRAI twice. I hope that I make it there in time! We parted soon after. This left me largely alone for many miles of light forest and farmland:

I arrived at the town of Corvallis around 10:30 and got an omelette at Wisecracks, which was excellent. I looked in a few of the bike shops for a larger more supportive saddle to help with the continuing butt soreness but no luck.
I left Corvallis around 11:30 for more picturesque farmland riding. I stopped and had a snack at Peoria Park right by the water probably just 30 minutes later. It was beautiful:

After Peoria was more farmland riding, including someone playing giant Jenga with massive haybales:

Around this time the mountains started to appear much closer:

I was getting closer to the town of Coburg, the last city on section one of my map (1 of 12) so this felt like a big milestone. I rolled into Coburg in high spirits but tired and sore. I headed over to a cafe for some chai tea, then to an RV park to inquire about lodging. They had some but it was expensive at $23 dollars. The host pointed me to a country park with camping a few miles down the road so I headed there. It was only 1-2 miles away but it felt longer. When I got there the host said that they were all out of tent sites, so I had to ride back to the RV park. It wasn’t all bad: I passed this gorgeous bridge over the Willamette River

I got a tent site and immediately took a nap. There are three other bikers all doing the same route tonight so I hope to get a bit of info about upcoming obstacles. I’m tied and going to cook some dinner then head to bed, see you tomorrow!

Mileage: 77


  • Jimmy Dean Sausage Roll breakfast
  • Banana
  • Carton of 2% milk
  • 1 Clif bar
  • 2 shot blocks
  • Huge omelette with hash browns
  • Orange juice
  • Lots of peanut MnMs
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